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Ecommerce Fulfillment Spotlight: Experience Music Project Museum Shop

MKM Spotlight

We’re excited to put the MKM spotlight on one of our new ecommerce fulfillment clients, the Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum Shop. The EMP Museum Shop has a great ecommerce site offering niche pop culture gifts for geeks and rock ‘n’ roll fans alike: think Nirvana, Star Wars, and Doctor Who. Online consumer orders from the EMP Museum Store ship directly from MKM ecommerce fulfillment centers.

3 Surefire Signs It’s Time to Start Looking for 3PL Logistics

3 Surefire Signs It is Time to Start Looking for 3PL Logistics

Most companies start out managing their own logistics, but when should you start thinking about outsourcing responsibilities such as warehouse management, fulfillment or distribution?

Helpful Tips to Introduce Your Company in an RFP

Helpful Tips to Introduce Your Company in an RFP

Just like any good job interview, an RFP is a two-way communication. It’s just as important to share the right information as it is to ask the right questions! Give a good first impression by painting a clear and honest picture about what your company is today, what you want to become, and who is the ideal 3PL (third-party logistics) partner for the challenges you face.

Ready to Release Your RFP? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First

Ready to Release Your RFP

Over the last few weeks, you’ve spent countless hours carefully crafting the most important document you’ll use to learn about your potential third-party logistics (3PL) partners: your RFP.

Preparing Your Fleet For Bad Weather

Preparing Your Fleet For Bad Weather

This winter is expected to be one of the worst we’ve seen in recent history, and that should be on your mind as you prepare your truck fleet come the holiday shopping rush. You have two main priorities: meeting deadlines and keeping your drivers safe. Depending on where your main distribution is happening in the country, you could face a serious threat to both. Here are a few tips on how to prepare.

Balancing Distribution Through Incentives

Balancing Distribution Through Incentives

Here’s the scoop: during the holiday shopping rush, you’re facing a crisis in distribution depending on the location of your distribution hubs, the location of your retailers, and your ability to harness all in a way that gets product to your customers. Through incentives—like sales, discounts, rewards—you can dominate distribution. Here’s how:

Value Added Services & the Holidays

Value Added Services & the Holidays

When the holidays approach, everyone gets busier. We all seem to have more responsibilities, mostly preparing to take a few days off to spend with family. As those additional tasks stack up, though, it can mean more workload, and a higher risk of something not getting done in time. When things like this start to add up, it might be time to ask for some additional help. But before you go and hire temp employees, consider talking to your 3rd party logistics (3PL) provider about what they might be able to take off your plate.

Communicating Promotions to Your 3PL

Communicating Promotions to Your 3PL

Every year, the holidays tend to make things busy in retail stores and warehouses across the country. There’s an upswing in activity just from people buying and shopping for gifts, both in stores and online. Usually, warehouses and distribution centers are able to plan accordingly for these upswings, because they’re consistent every year.

Preparing Brick & Mortars for Ecommerce Returns

Preparing Brick Mortars for Ecommerce Returns

With a rise in ecommerce sales scheduled during this year’s holiday shopping rush, you need to prepare for returns and reverse distribution as much as you prepare for filling orders. A key to this is preparing your retailers. Making space for restocking, preparing your staff, and communicating with your customers about the potential to return ecommerce items to brick and mortar stores is crucial. Here’s how to approach each.

New Survey: E-commerce Retailers Aim to Shorten Fulfillment Time, Capture Last-minute Sales

E commerce Retailers Aim to Shorten Fulfillment Time Capture Last minute Sales

A new survey from retail strategy firm Kurt Salmon demonstrates that e-commerce retailers areunder increasing pressure to process and ship holiday orders quickly. In addition, a greater number of retailers plan to offer free shipping during the holiday season or year-round.

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