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MKM Spotlight: Giorgio Guglielmi

MKM Spotlight

Giorgio Guglielmi is the Vice President of Store Delivery for MKM. He mitigates truck breakdowns and delays, and ensures drivers are professional and punctual. On top of that, his main concern is getting the job done for the customer—no matter what it takes. He began his over ten-year relationship with MKM in the warehouse where he learned the importance of getting trucks loaded, on the road, and to their destination without hiccup or delay.

History of Ecommerce: The Amazon Effect

the amazon effect

How Amazon took the ball running and changed ecommerce trends 

Healthcare Reform and Retailers

Healthcare Reform and Retailers

As the Affordable Care Act continues to roll out, employers all across the field are going to see changes occurring, but retailers are going to be particularly influenced by these shifts. You can learn a lot more about the changes that are taking place as they pertain to retailers and more specific definitions in this article from Retail Means Jobs, but it’s important to look at how these changes will affect retailers.

MKM’s Indianapolis Location Is a Designated Foreign-Trade Zone

MKMs Indianapolis Location Is a Designated Foreign Trade Zone

Established in the 1930s, foreign-trade zones are locations in the U.S. that allow businesses to streamline incoming product without the hassle and costs of typical customs duties. Think of this as a zone where product isn’t considered foreign or domestic, so it’s under a different set of rules and can generally be processed faster. The government created the foreign-trade zones to help alleviate the cost of international trade for U.S. companies, hoping this would increase commerce.

How the Job Expectation of a Truck Driver Has Changed

How the Job Expectation of a Truck Driver Has Changed

The trucking industry has changed over the last couple years due to massive layoffs, a lack of available drivers, and a shift from long routes to more local routes. With these changes, retailers are seeing changes in the way drivers operate and how they conduct business. Now, more is expected from drivers, they play a larger role in B2B and B2C, and new regulations are in place that might affect their delivery. Here’s a run-down of how these changes affect drivers and what you should expect.

The Driver Shortage & How to Combat It

The Driver Shortage How to Combat It

There is a reported shortage of 30,000 drivers in the United States today, and with an influx in ecommerce and mobile purchasing, the need for reliable, young truck drivers is growing. Fact is, the idea of a “truck driver” is changing, and as more and more young people go to college rather than trade school, they fail to realize how lucrative and reliable a truck-driving job can be.

History Of Ecommerce—Mobile Sales

History Of Ecommerce—Mobile Sales

Ecommerce sales increasingly dominate brick-and-mortar sales during the regular retail year and the holiday shopping season. But, recently, mobile sales specifically have been the driving force of growth in 2013’s market. And mobile purchasing shows no signs of halting growth: from 2011 to 2012 it grew by 16%. In 2013, mobile device purchases increased by 55.4% and made up 17% of sales on Cyber Monday—the largest shopping day recorded in history. 

MKM Spotlight: Beth Frank

mkm spotlight

Beth Frank has played a huge role on MKM’s team now for over 20 years—21 years in July, specifically—and it all started at a Carmel, Indiana, restaurant where she worked as a server, when she met Bill Hurley, MKM’s CEO. Since then, she’s seen a lot of change occur on the administrative side of things, but still remembers how, at each level of growth, MKM has always been dedicated to service.

What’s Going on in Pooled Distribution?

Whats Going on in Pooled Distribution

There are a lot of distributors and 3PL providers operating pooled distribution plans for retailers. Lately, though, we’re seeing a lot of the smaller providers closing, or providers just opting out of pooled distribution in general to focus on other logistical operations. Other 3PLs—like MKM—have opened new facilities specifically for pooled distribution. Smaller providers have a difficult time providing the kind of personalized service that many retailers require, whereas some larger providers have the capacity to provide these services quickly (eight weeks, on average), even when building a new facility specifically for it. 

Expedited Expectations: When Next-Day Processing Is Not Fast Enough

Expedited Expectations

As consumers increasingly demand faster delivery, retailers face greater pressure to ship orders quickly. That puts a strain on the bottom line. Retail profit margins simply aren't large enough to afford expediting orders due to a shipping delay.

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