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New Survey: E-commerce Retailers Aim to Shorten Fulfillment Time, Capture Last-minute Sales

E commerce Retailers Aim to Shorten Fulfillment Time Capture Last minute Sales

A new survey from retail strategy firm Kurt Salmon demonstrates that e-commerce retailers areunder increasing pressure to process and ship holiday orders quickly. In addition, a greater number of retailers plan to offer free shipping during the holiday season or year-round.

Report: West Coast Ports Set Records Ahead of Potential Shutdown

West Coast Ports Set Records Ahead of Potential Shutdown

Are you worried about stocking your shelves before a potential port shutdown? You’re not alone. The monthly Global Port Tracker report (produced by Hackett Associates on behalf of the National Retail Federation) shows record-setting import volume in September and October. The speculation: retailers have been importing early to avoid disruption.  

Staffing Tips After the Holiday Shipping Rush

Staffing Tips After the Holiday Rush

Without a doubt, staffing during the holiday shopping season can become difficult while you try to meet a rise in orders, cover for staff on vacation, and balance full-time employees and temporary employees. Further training is involved, scheduling becomes an algorithm, and—most importantly—you’re being put to the test by your customers. But what happens after the rush? Here are a few tips to consider when the holiday rush is over and you need to reconfigure your scheduling.

Predicting the Unpredictable in Ecommerce

Predicting the Unpredictable in Ecommerce

With the boom in ecommerce sales during the holiday season of 2013, businesses, 3PLs, and shipping companies were overwhelmed by the high flux of orders coming in from online sales, and they were unable to meet consumers’ demands. They weren’t able to predict just how much that could change their business model. This year, know what to expect. Here are a few data points you can measure to know what ecommerce will look like this year.

How Mobile Screen Size is Changing Ecommerce

How Mobile Screen Size is Changing Ecommerce

With the introduction of the iPhone 6+ and Samsung’s Galaxy, there’s an ever-growing trend to make smartphones with bigger and bigger screens. Now screens can be as large as 7 inches, allowing the user to make far more use of wifi and other services typically conducted on a computer or laptop. This changes the game for ecommerce. Shoppers will be utilizing their smartphones on the go to make purchases, and that could mean less brick-and-mortar sales and more ecommerce sales for you.

Los Angeles Port Backup Causing Delays

Los Angeles Port Backup Causing Delays

Sometimes issues arise that you simply can’t account for. One of those instances is occurring right now out in the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  

Making Realistic Shipping Offers to Your Customers

Making Realistic Shipping Offers to Your Customers

Especially during holiday season—but throughout the year as well—you need to be clear with your customers about what they can expect from you during the shipping process when they make orders. After 2013’s winter shipping debacle and with further customer dissatisfaction in Amazon and other big distributors who are too big to admit mistakes, good shipping is just as important to consumers as the product itself.

Here are a few tips so that you’re telling your customers exactly what they can expect from their shipping experience with you.

Overestimate how long shipping will take

On this one, it’s better to play it safe and tell your customers how long it could take for a package to get to them. This accomplishes two things: you minimize the chances of disappointing a customer, and you make the customer happier when they receive an order before it arrives. So overestimate. Create a wide spectrum—like the standard “7-14” business days. And, if you can’t get the product there definitely within 14 days, figure out exactly when your latest delivery date will be.

Is New Equipment Facilitating or Hindering Growth?

Is New Equipment Facilitating or Hindering Growth

Investing in new equipment for your distribution center is exciting—and with the new developments in anything from forklifts to robotic cranes and picking devices, investments of this kind can increase production and get your distribution center operating at maximum efficiency. But how do you know when new equipment is a best for your hub? Here’s a guide to weigh the pros and cons.

Identifying Value-Added Services For Your 3PL

Identifying Value Added Services For Your 3PL

When we talk about value-added services, we’re talking about the ways your third-party logistics (3PL) provider can make your job easier. Your product is unique and requires a certain amount of care when you ship it to brick-and-mortar stores, and you need to be able to communicate with your 3PL about how best they can help you.

Training for Employee Versatility

Training for Employee Versatility

When you spend the time and invest in training your warehouse employees in various departments, you increase their ability to shift during peak buying seasons, like Black Friday or the holiday rush. More so, you are able to increase employee retention by keeping your employees engaged in the various departments, motivating them to care about the business you conduct. So, move your employees around. Keep them engaged.

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