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The How & Why of Free Returns

The How Why of Free Returns

Reverse logistics are often an animal that no company particularly wants to handle, but for anyone in ecommerce, it’s necessary. No matter how efficient you are at picking the correct items, packaging well, and shipping, there will always be customers who decide to return an item for one reason or another. And reverse logistics aren’t necessarily cheap. They’re an added cost that must be factored in to ecommerce budgets.

Marketing & Distribution in the Modern World

Marketing and Distribution in the Modern World

Marketing, now more than ever, is responsible for a lot of the business we do, but especially in the world of ecommerce. Sales are now announced the day they’re occurring, and retailers can boost their sales by simply shooting an email to their mailing list, and allow sales to go far longer than normal storefront hours would allow. But what effect does this have on distribution?

Check, Re-Check, Reduce Returns

Check Re Check Reduce Returns

When product arrives at a distribution center, this is the first part of a long line of checking to ensure that the product a customer sees on the shelves is in its best condition. This means checking the quality of the product when it arrives at a 3PL, re-checking the product when it’s picked, and checking the product a third time when it is returned to store for any reason.

Fleet Maintenance: Can You Keep The Trucks Going?

Fleet Maintenance Can You Keep The Trucks Going

You own your own fleet—or you’re deciding whether or not to invest in a fleet—and now it’s a game of figuring out how to make the trucks’ working-lives last. If you aren’t able to keep the fleet in good shape to increase longevity, you’ve lost on that initial investment of buying trucks already. The best way to save on your investment is to keep your fleet running well, for as long as possible, by keeping up on routine maintenance and repairs.

Container Processing at MKM

Container Processing at MKM 0714

When you constantly receive containers from across the Pacific packed full of various sizes, quantities, and types of merchandise, unloading those containers can feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re low on space and don’t have the trained staff who know how to organize that merchandise.

When Do You Know You’ve Outgrown Amazon?

When Do You Know You Have Outgrown Amazon

Amazon already towers over all other providers when it comes to the B2C side of distribution, but now it’s making further strides to monopolize and become the world’s largest 3PL for B2B. Should you, as a business owner, be leery of that kind of relationship and involvement? How do you know if working with Amazon for order fulfillment is the right choice for you, or if their growth limits your specific needs?

Benefits & Downsides—Owning Your Own Fleet

Benefits and Downsides Owning Your Own Fleet

With any type of logistics planning you come across in your business—whether working completely through a 3PL or beginning to take on responsibilities for yourself—you’ll face questions like this one about how to divvy up who will be accountable for what. But weighing such an idea as owning and operating your own truck fleet can be one of the most important decisions you make.

Five Benefits to Foreign Trade Zones

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Businesses approved as Foreign Trade Zones experience a series of benefits that, inevitably, save them from having to pay fees and allow them to process foreign and domestic product more quickly. 

The All-in-One Provider

The All in One Provider

The Supply Chain Network exists to get something from point A (usually the manufacturer or supplier) to point B (usually the customer). Usually, this happens via a number of different points in between, going through the hands of various logistics providers, warehouses, and distribution centers. To someone who has to keep track of the logistics and tracking of products across the country, the more hands something touches, the more difficult the process becomes. Some 3PL providers, however, are beginning to act as all-in-one providers for many of their clients, handling store distribution, ecommerce, and even providing value-added services to make the supply chain network less complicated.

Working With Oversea Suppliers

Working With Oversea Suppliers

Nearly a month passes in shipping time alone when you're working with oversea suppliers. That makes inaccurate or wrong orders difficult to process. When you are relying on oversea suppliers to fill manufacturing orders, you should work with a distribution company that has experience in processing shipments—even if the distributor needs to contact the manufacturer to deal with inaccurate orders. Here's what to look for.   

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