Technology's Impact on MKM Distribution & Fulfillment

Posted by Kristen Melendez on Thu, Mar 14, 2013 @ 01:00 AM
I have been with MKM for almost two years, and have had the opportunity to see how technology has changed the face of how we do business. Paper logs are being replaced with electronic and our WMS system is by no means “Cookie Cutter”. By streamlining our network infrastructure, data can get to its destination without colliding with broadcast data. By integrating updated barcode scanning devices, and many other upgrades, we have increased our ROI and maintained maximum flexibility for our customers. Our ECOM facility has increased its wireless footprint to ensurea a more stable and secure communication between scanner and server. We have even implemented a “Public” wireless network for those who would rather BTOD (bring their own device).

Technology has improved our trucks with better fuel economy and soon to be added anti-idling technology. By implementing some of the latest technology for our drivers, instead of having multiple devices in the trucks, we will be able track the vehicles via GPS, get instant information to the drivers, scan cartons during delivery providing “real-time” updates, and monitor truck status using one, yes I said it, ONE device. This same device can also be used for electronic logs simplifying a drivers day.

Technology allows us to adapt to our customer's needs at a moment’s notice so we can “keep our promise” of delivering “on time, every time”.

Article written by
John Williams
IT Supervisor
MKM Distribution & Fulfillment

Topics: Technology, Process Improvement, Shipping