3 Trends Driving Back-to-School Shopping in 2012

Posted by Kristen Melendez on Thu, Jul 19, 2012 @ 03:58 AM
I wanted to share this timely blog from, as we know many of our retail customers are seeing the same trends in their business.  It seems that it is increasingly important for e-commerce operations and store operations to work together to shift their organizational strategies toward an omni-channel model that allows customers to seamlessly find what they are looking for regardless of where the inventory is available (i.e. online versus in store). 

3 trends driving online back-to-school shopping in 2012

...Back-to-school shopping, on the other hand, certainly has changed a fair bit in recent years. For starters, the number of U.S. consumers shopping online for some part of back-to-school has almost doubled in just five years: this year two in of five will shop online, compared to just one in five as recently as 2007. That’s per the latest back-to-school consumer survey conducted by BIGinsight for NRF. Oh, and by the way, close to a third of online back-to-school shoppers started this annual shopping ritual several weeks ago, and another half will start over the next two weeks. Target is already getting the message out, and I trust your back-to-school marketing and merchandising is already in full swing to capture this demand. For now, let’s look at the biggest trends from this year’s online shopping edition of the back-to-school survey. (See More)
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