Building Customer Trust Through E-Commerce

Posted by Kristen Melendez on Thu, Nov 14, 2013 @ 08:59 AM

Building Customer Trust Through ECommerce

Earn your customer’s loyalty through e-commerce. Each transaction is a chance for you to show your commitment to customer service so that they feel like they have a personal relationship with your company, even when there is no face-to-face interaction. Minimizing shipping errors may be the single most important way to achieve this loyalty, because many customers are doubtful that an entirely electronic transaction will be hassle-free. But if you can make this happen smoothly, they’ll be more likely to order through you again. Shipping errors will happen due to a high volume of orders, and it’s impossible to guarantee that every order out of hundreds of thousands will be perfect. But here’s why and how you should reduce them.

Excellent Customer Service

When you don’t have the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with potential customers, you have to foster that relationship in other ways. Are your phone lines easily accessible? Are your reps well trained? Customers love when they are able to speak to a human immediately, without cycling through options, and, when they speak to customer service reps, they want to speak with an expert.

Most customer service happens on the phone, but it also happens indirectly when a customer’s order is accurately picked, quickly processed and shipped, with the product intact. Make sure that your warehouse works as well as the people on the phone to ensure customers have a good experience with your company.

Reduce Returns

Returns are expensive to you, and they reduce the likelihood of a customer coming back to your website, or buying your product, if the returns happen due to damaged product, wrong product, or an untimely delivery. These are returns you can reduce by guaranteeing quality distribution—often with the help of a 3PL partner. By reducing returns, you’re able to keep customers coming back to your website for different products. If you sell phones and computers, a customer buying a computer will be more likely to buy a phone from you if their experience was a good one.

However, not all returns are due to faulty product or inconvenient delivery. In many cases the customer will have chosen the wrong product, and this is a chance for you to demonstrate, even more, how dedicated you are to customer service. It’s a chance to help the consumer find the product they want. If you can start this conversation, it also gives you a chance to gain customer feedback. Here again is why it’s important to find a 3PL partner who will engage your customers during the return process in a way that solidifies your relationship with the consumer. 

Build Employee Morale

Does your staff care about the work they do? You should focus on training your staff beyond the work they accomplish day to day.

Here’s an example: you’ve recently hired a new picker whose only responsibility is to pick a single product. This can feel like a routine job, and you know this. But instead of only training the picker to pick, tell her what happens to the product after she picks it, what department it goes to next. Tell her about the trucking system, and when it will deliver. When you teach an employee where they fit into the overall process of the warehouse, why their job is important, and why their effort is paramount, you inspire them to learn even more, to care more about their job. 

Build Customer Loyalty

What does all of this accomplish? It builds customer care. And, by that, we mean that this builds loyalty. If you accomplish customer loyalty through one sale, you are generating the loyalty that will lead to the next sale, and the next, and the next. Care about your customer and they will care about you. 


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