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Posted by Kristen Melendez on Tue, Jan 21, 2014 @ 08:58 AM

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Drivers aren’t just driving anymore. It takes more than just delivering boxes and unloading them. Drivers are offering a lot more services—things that aren’t necessarily in their job description, but things that are important to retailers. That may mean taking out the trash from a delivery, or a number of other things. As a retailer, here are a few things you can expect from white glove delivery.

Large or Small

People often associate the deliveries of small packages with parcel services, like UPS or FedEx. White glove delivery, however, may mean that specialty carriers are dropping off smaller packages to a business instead of a parcel service provider. And there’s one important difference: you never know when UPS or FedEx might show up. A white glove delivery driver, on the other hand, will give you a finite window during which you can expect your delivery, whether large or small.  For a retailer, product and sales associates need to be in front of the customer to capture every possible sale, and if managers know when a delivery will arrive they can schedule staff accordingly.

Special Delivery

Not all retailers have a back door. With some in malls, that means all deliveries have to come through the front door, regardless of whether the package is large or small. During hours, that means there will be customers in the store, shopping. White glove delivery is an assurance that a driver will be polite to other customers without bothering them, navigating the delivery through the store in the most effective way without affecting the shopping experience, especially when stores are crowded during the holidays. Outside of business hours, it gets more technical. Drivers are responsible for understanding cues so that no store associate ever feels threatened in any way. There’s a focus on professionalism.

More than Scanning

It’s easy to scan a box, nod your head, and move on about your day, but white glove delivery often requires more than that. It may even mean becoming familiar with a specific computer system to assist in putting inventory into system. Drivers may not be responsible for moving boxes around, but if it’s necessary to do so when they show up with a delivery, it’s something that they’ll do.

It’s not just delivering a package. It’s making sure that the retailer gets the kind of service they deserve, and help with the things they need. For us, that means going above and beyond. 


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