MKM Spotlight: Beth Frank

Posted by Kristen Melendez on Thu, Feb 27, 2014 @ 02:56 PM

Beth Frank has played a huge role on MKM’s team now for over 20 years—21 years in July, specifically—and it all started at a Carmel, Indiana, restaurant where she worked as a server, when she met Bill Hurley, MKM’s CEO. Since then, she’s seen a lot of change occur on the administrative side of things, but still remembers how, at each level of growth, MKM has always been dedicated to service.

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Beth worked two jobs, one at the restaurant and another at a family-owned Carmel office, and she’d been waiting on Bill Hurley for several years when he asked her if she’d like to come work for MKM as a dispatcher. “To be honest, I didn’t know what a truck was, at the time,” Beth will tell you. Though that position never came to fruition, a few months later Bill came to her again, talking about a position on the administrative side.

She wasn’t a stranger to this kind of work, but coming to MKM was an experience far more positive than where she’d worked before. She met with the president of MKM for an interview, was hired, and then was taken aback on her first day when she realized the culture at MKM was completely different than anything she’d known…

It was enjoyable.


“I remember coming home from work after that first day,” Beth says, “and I kept thinking about another administrative employee I’d been working with, how we’d just laughed so much.” After working eight years at her previous office, she realized MKM was a place where people could show up each day and actually enjoy their jobs.

“People enjoyed working with each other, enjoyed what they were doing, so you moved into that mode,” she says.


She started as Office Manager, though her role has shifted and shaped over the years—she now works as Director of Administration. But in the earlier years, she recognized one key factor of MKM that remains genuine today: no matter what the project, MKM will figure out how to get it done. Sometimes that meant Beth and others in administration would put on tennis shoes and head out to the warehouse to help with an urgent customer request.

Now, the warehouse has grown to such a degree that it’s rare for her to have to participate, but that quality of teamwork and get-it-done mentality still remains.

“You can sit down and list your job description off, but, really, things overlap and everyone works together as a team,” Beth says. For example, she’ll tell you you’d never recognize the CEO of MKM, a CEO of an organization like this, on days when he comes to work dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. “You’re adults, and you get treated like adults.” It’s this kind of work environment that makes Beth so grateful to the company:

“Believe it or not, I can count on one hand the days I’ve dreaded coming into work over the years.”

Why MKM?

Above anything, service is their number one priority. “If we have a project we need to get done—we get it done, bar none.” MKM never tells their customers no to a project, that it’s too difficult. “We figure it out,” she says. And that’s the result of teamwork, where each employee has to mesh with the culture of the organization—each employee believing that service is job one.

“Our people in the warehouses are critical,” she says. “We couldn’t do what we do if it weren’t for our warehouse employees, our drivers. We try to do small things—hot chocolate and heating stations in the warehouse on cold days, for example—to help show those warehouse employees how much we value them.” MKM sometimes orders pizzas for warehouse employees on unexpectedly long days. It’s sometimes necessary to ask for a lot of flexibility from employees. These are just gestures of appreciation.

Bottom line: MKM treats people with respect—their employees, their customers—making sure that they recognize and care about the basic needs of hardworking employees.

 “Maybe people think I’m a crazy person—to be this passionate about my employer—but it’s the truth.”

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