MKM Spotlight: Giorgio Guglielmi

Posted by Kristen Melendez on Fri, Apr 18, 2014 @ 01:21 PM

Giorgio Guglielmi is the Vice President of Store Delivery for MKM. He mitigates truck breakdowns and delays, and ensures drivers are professional and punctual. On top of that, his main concern is getting the job done for the customer—no matter what it takes. He began his over ten-year relationship with MKM in the warehouse where he learned the importance of getting trucks loaded, on the road, and to their destination without hiccup or delay.

MKM Spotlight

Getting It Done

“It all starts in the warehouse,” he said. He approaches logistics with a holistic understanding—from picking to final delivery—maintaining that the most important goal is that retailers get the product they need on time.

Delays in the distribution process do occur, be it weather, DOT stops, traffic, breakdowns—but Guglielmi has implemented procedures so that, even if a truck gets delayed, there’s a backup plan, like sending out another truck to meet one that’s broken down. Even if that means manually unloading product from one truck to the next.

“Breakdowns happen. Mechanical failures happen—especially during the cold time of the year… Let’s say a truck breaks down on route 90 and he gets to a rest stop. We still need to make those times. So I send a truck out there to get the product switched over. We’ve done this—unloading the truck onto the next truck—and we’ve gotten the product there on that same day.”

They’re committed to arrive within their delivery windows. And if that’s not possible, then they’ll get there at the soonest time possible. Drivers have to improvise on the road to get things done, and they may also often have to improvise when they arrive at the store.

Driver Professionalism

Many of the drivers at the Auburn location in New York have been driving there for over thirteen years. “We’ve found that kind of consistency that our competitors haven’t,” Guglielmi said. The stores see the benefits of this kind of consistency, too: the same drivers have the same deliveries, so they’re able to generate a rapport with store managers. Drivers arrive on time, are clean-cut, and generally have some kind of background in customer service. They’re also capable of handling the ever-varying degrees of delivery challenges, from seasonal volume peaks to unexpected traffic accidents and road closures.

“A driver can go out one day with two-hundred boxes to five stores. The next day they might go out with 1,000. It fluctuates, and the drivers know to be professional in understanding that they’ll have heavy days and light,” Guglielmi said. And when they bring on new drivers, that level of customer service and professionalism is a key factor in that driver’s success. 

Why MKM?

 “We care about the customer, and we go above and beyond what it takes to make the deliveries,” he said. And that’s the main difference between MKM and any other distribution company. “Now, no one is going to have great days everyday—bad days happen—but we do everything possible to change those bad days into good ones.”  

For Guglielmi, this ability to meet any situation comes from the dedication of MKM staff. “If we’re facing -8 degree temperatures and two trucks broken down, the first thing we ask is: ‘How can we conquer this bad day?’”

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