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Posted by Kristen Melendez on Thu, May 01, 2014 @ 04:06 PM

Kitting Repackaging Value Added Services

The smaller aspects of distribution tend to be the things that might get in the way for many of our clients—the manual, hands-on projects that require intensive labor, lots of space that can be hard to come by. With quality kitting and repackaging services, you get the labor and packaging abilities to combine various products into one kit, re-label product, and take on any special project that requires product to be altered or repackaged in the warehouse.

It’s a good tool to have. And you need a tactical group of staff to take on these projects at a moment’s notice. If you’re working with a 3PL, it’s because you need their ability to be flexible. That’s why kitting and repackaging services are a must.

Labor Intensive

These are the jobs that require on-the-ground, hands-on teams of a lot of staff to get product processed quickly. The more experience a staff has at tackling the odd kitting or packaging project, the better they’re going to be at adapting—knowing what kind of labor will be required to see the job finished.

When working with a 3PL, look for a provider that is able to provide this kind of staff, at any point in the retail season, with whatever project needs that extra push. Even if it means getting their staff to your location.

Space Consuming

Kitting and repackaging asks a lot of distribution hubs due to the space required. Unpacking boxes, repackaging them in kits—even unloading entire containers—all take a lot of space. One value-added service to look for is a 3PL’s ability to transport product from your hub to theirs and use their space for kitting and repackaging services. If you don’t have the room to execute a specialized project, they should.

Outdated Information/Product/Warnings

Let’s say you’re distributing phone covers to retail stores—and you already have your shelves filled—when the product maker introduces a new model for the phone. Now your product needs to be relabeled quickly to include the new model number. Or there’s an update on the warning or information packet with the phone. Or your existing packaging is not protecting the product during shipping. That’s when you need a kitting and repackaging service that can respond quickly and enable you to be the first to market or reduce interruptions to product distribution.

With a good kitting and repackaging team, those are problems you don’t have to handle in-house. From returns to outdated warning labels, a capable team can handle the project, no matter what. Check out MKM’s kitting and repackaging services to see what a team like this looks like. 


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