From the Picker’s Perspective—Individual Care

Posted by Kristen Melendez on Wed, May 14, 2014 @ 10:31 AM

From the Pickers Perspective Individual Care

From the bottom up, every player involved with the work MKM does to meet the needs of our clients is critical. Take, for example, the pickers who ensure that orders are accurately filled, neatly packaged, and correctly labeled. The pickers at MKM truly accomplish great work. Here are some of the reasons why.

Train Beyond the Position

Depending on the project, it’s the pickers who will see some of the most important work because it’s at the very beginning of the distribution cycle. It’s the first step in determining whether or not the client receives what they intended to receive, and whether or not they can ensure that their retail stores have the product their customers want.

By training beyond the position of just picking—meaning you train on other logistics processing with your operating system, training on equipment the picker won’t necessarily use every project, and continually teaching new things—you help inform each picker further, challenging them, and providing them with meaningful work. Train beyond the position so each employee sees potential in themselves. 

Inform Beyond the Position

Same goes with informing pickers—and all your employees—on every process of the distribution cycle. Maybe they won’t ever drive the trucks, or unload the product, or repackage a wrong order, but they will know why each order they complete needs to be done accurately, on time. If every picker knows the challenges drivers face when trying to deliver on time, that encourages them to be more responsible about getting product to the trucks early in an efficient, organized way.

Sweat the Details

The wrong way to do this is to crack down on small errors. The right way to do this is to pay attention to the details, maintain a clean work area, and encourage that responsibility for the details so there are fewer errors, so that the picker takes responsibility in every detail of his or her job.

Encourage an Ethic of Responsibility

That’s what most of this comes down to: if you can create a culture of responsibility, client care, and self-worth, you’ll begin to invent and define steps to help each employee reach their full potential. We love the people we work with at MKM because each person does take on that responsibility to play their part in a greater team trying to meet our clients’ expectations. 


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