How MKM Trains Our Employees

Posted by Maeghan Hurley on Tue, Jun 17, 2014 @ 08:23 AM

How MKM Trains Our Employees

When you break it down, logistics fall onto the employees. They’re the ones who are picking, packaging, kitting, unloading, and doing every other job imaginable in the warehouse. A lot of responsibility rests on their shoulders to do their jobs correctly. To really make logistics smooth, your employees have to work together like a well-oiled machine.

At MKM, our employees are our most valuable resource. They know that we—and all of our customers—rely on them to get their jobs done. And we know, from the very start, that we’re going to be able to count on them to do their jobs right the first time.


At MKM, all of our warehouse employees go through training, but that’s really not what makes them great at what they do. Rather, it’s an intrinsic responsibility that shines through during interviews. Responsibility is a difficult trait to teach, but if we can see that people show characteristics of being a responsible person during an interview, we know they’ll automatically be a good fit.

We’re sometimes forced to ask our employees at very late notice to come in, or to work extra hours. It’s that sense of responsibility to their jobs that keeps them here. 


MKM is still a family-owned business. While other companies talk about their “team atmosphere” or their “family environment,” MKM’s environment really is based on family. Every employee who works here, from the top down, is made to feel like a member of the family. Everyone is just as important as the next.

Our family ownership means we make sure that when we ask our employees to stay longer hours or to come in early, we make sure to do something that shows we appreciate it. Whether it’s doughnuts in the break room for the early crew, or having a dozen pizzas delivered for those who we ask to work late. Hard work comes easy when you know it’s appreciated.

Permanent Employees

We’ve talked before about why we value permanent employees, but it’s a very valid point in regard to the way we train. Onboarding and training an employee is an expensive investment, and it’s one you don’t want to have to repeat frequently. Instead, you would much rather an employee be onboarded, trained, and then stay with the company for many years.

Instead of hiring from temp agencies, we try to hire employees who will be with us for the long haul—employees who want to be a part of our environment, and who we don’t have to worry about leaving when a specific time period is up and they move on to the next job. 


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