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When you constantly receive containers from across the Pacific packed full of various sizes, quantities, and types of merchandise, unloading those containers can feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re low on space and don’t have the trained staff who know how to organize that merchandise.

While not all containers require this time, space, and energy, many do. And you can find relief working with a distributor who has the right means to unpack, repack, or process containers. This process requires a lot of room, and that can mean clients sending their containers back and forth several times—from distribution center to distribution center—putting a taxing amount of pressure on drivers and unloaders.

Why not work with someone who’s able to accomplish everything at a one-stop shop? No moving product back and forth. No worrying about having the space necessary to unload product.

Bulky Product

Clients who deal with oversized or bulky product often struggle to find the space necessary to unpack containers in an efficient, organized way. Product designated to move to other distribution centers or retail stores needs to be stored until being shipped, and finding that space can be tricky, especially if the container being unloaded is also packed with smaller merchandise.  

Merchandise Handling with Containers

It’s often the case that merchandise from foreign companies will need to be processed: repackaged, relabeled, sorted. While you might have the resources necessary to unpack your containers, are you able to repackage special merchandise in a way that gets it ready for retail stores?

That’s the benefit of working with MKM, because they provide services for any kind of project that might require processing that would normally take far more time. And if your labor force changes often, working with a 3PL will relieve you from having to retrain on repackaging, unloading, and sorting merchandise from containers.

Which Containers Need Specialized Treatment?

Not all your containers require you use a 3PL to unload. Save money and play to your own skills as a company by defining which containers need specialized attention. This way, you don’t have to pay for containers you’d otherwise be fine to unload. MKM can help you with any scope of project. 

Want to learn more about the services MKM has offered for containers? Check out this case study that shows how MKM’s client needed container service, and MKM delivered. 

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