What MKM Has Learned About Employee Retention

Posted by Maeghan Hurley on Tue, Sep 02, 2014 @ 11:30 AM

 What MKM Has Learned About Employee Retention

The short answer: MKM has learned a ton about the benefits of employee retention. Yes, we’re biased because, as much as we care about the business benefits of keeping employees longer, we care about our employees being a part of our family, forging relationships over the years. But we’re here to talk business: how inspiring and holding onto our employees has been a huge boon to our business.

Employees Tend To Stick Around When They’re Happy

By incentivizing our employees, we’ve been able to keep them happy—which in turn makes them stick around. Offering more hours, being flexible when we need to be flexible, offering competitive pay, providing room for personal growth. We believe employees work their best when they’re happiest, and we understand this as a mutual investment: we both count on one another—the greater business and the individual employee.

Cross-training Can Inspire Employees

We know that some people will want to keep the same job for year after year without any change in their routine, but those individuals are few and far between—and we’ve found most employees benefit from cross-training, moving from department to department and learning more about every step of the distribution process. When employees show interest in another department because they want more responsibility, we try to foster that and offer them new opportunities.

Part of why our clients respect our work is because, no matter the job, we get it done—and we’re only able to do that with employees who are comfortable moving from one department to the next, back and forth, to meet our goals when we need to. We can move employees around to different surges in picking or receiving—or any other department—and effectively complete the job without requiring time for additional training.

This Is A Team Sport

Many companies downplay or trivialize the idea of camaraderie among employees at a company. And, true, it is hard to quantify the value or motivation that camaraderie can create among employees, but it’s an idea that we support completely at MKM. When we talk to our employees about why they’ve remained at MKM for so long, many of the answers have to do with a sense of belonging—a sense of family. As a company, we don’t intentionally create teambuilding strategies in order to retain employees. We just try to create a work environment that allows for strong teamwork and collaboration.

So far, it’s worked. 



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