Employee Retention VS Technology Investment

Posted by Maeghan Hurley on Mon, Sep 29, 2014 @ 06:51 PM

Employee Retention VS Technology Investment

Here’s a riddle: do you invest in technology that will allow you to hire fewer employees, or do you spend that money on your employees and count on training and experience to make up the differential? A quick answer: both. Working in distribution, you have to determine if an investment in technology is going to benefit your employees or not. But that’s the key. To focus on your employees benefit rather than technology that’s trending.

Value Your Employees and They’ll Value Your Business

When you invest in your employees they recognize that effort, and they’ll be far more likely and willing to care about the work they do. When you put more money into new, hip technology rather than the training of employees, you send a clear signal to them that you think they’re replaceable. That’s not the case. Instead, if you value your employees and demonstrate that in raises, vacation-time and benefits—you earn their trust. That’s crucial.

Technology Is Only As Good As Its Operators

Automated-Guided-Vehicles, conveyer belts, automated systems: these are great in theory but are only useful to you if your employees are trained and knowledgeable about the equipment. Know that your investment in technology will only reap rewards when you invest in the staff that knows how to operate it.

Investing In Technology Changes The Tone Of Your Business

So far, we’ve just talked about the ways you can invest in your staff to see results. But let’s give technology its fair chance. New technology can be a boon to your business and show that you’re an innovative company—and you should absolutely demonstrate to your clients how technology investment helps you. Showcase what new developments you’re working on, because being tech-savvy will prove to your clients that you’re constantly thinking and working to give them the best results.

And here’s the other thing: when your employees have access to the best tools—the latest upgrades in technology—they’re going to feel valued and will be more active in getting tasks completed. They’re going to value the business more. Because that’s the key, right? That your employees care just as much about the success of the business as you do. 


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