Training for Employee Versatility

Posted by Maeghan Hurley on Wed, Oct 15, 2014 @ 10:15 AM


Training for Employee Versatility

When you spend the time and invest in training your warehouse employees in various departments, you increase their ability to shift during peak buying seasons, like Black Friday or the holiday rush. More so, you are able to increase employee retention by keeping your employees engaged in the various departments, motivating them to care about the business you conduct. So, move your employees around. Keep them engaged.

Even When your Employee Is Perfect In One Department

It can be tough to move good employees from one department—where they are exceeding—to a different department. Relying on one employee in their specific department is risky, though: if they decide to pursue a different job, you could be left with a department that can’t run on its own. By moving your staff around and training them in various departments, you’ll be assured that, if someone decides to leave, you can still cover all the bases.

Clutch in Peak Seasons

The benefit of training your employees in various departments is that you can move employees around more to make up for peak buying seasons, can account for absences or vacations, and can adjust depending on workflow. For example, having employees with their CDL license can provide for times when you need an additional route driven.

Employees Will Have More Pride in their Jobs

An educated, versatile employee is a happier employee. They recognize the complexities of their job and they take value in their understanding of how their role fits into the rest of the business. All in all, you’ll have happier staff. And if you can develop your staff and keep them satisfied, you increase employee retention and can guarantee that your staff values the work they do—even the menial tasks.



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